PartyKit is an open source deployment platform for AI agents, multiplayer and local-first apps, games and websites.

is better with


Add PartyKit to a new project
// 1. Install with npm
npm install partykit

// 2. Write your code
export default class Server {
  onMessage(message, websocket) {
  onRequest(request) {
    return new Response(`This is room ${}`);

// 3. Develop on localhost
npx partykit dev server.js

// 4. Deploy to the edge
npx partykit deploy server.js --name first-party

// 5. Try it out
curl 'https://first-party.{yourname}'

Add PartyKit to everything

It works well with with popular collaboration frameworks and libraries. Y.js, Automerge, Replicache, XState, tldraw, TinyBase, they all Just Work™.

It’s platform agnostic

PartyKit integrates with your current setup. Plays nicely with Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Cloudflare,, or wherever you host your app. No big rewrite needed.

And standards based

WebSockets, Fetch, Request-Response, Wasm. PartyKit uses web standards to guarantee interoperability with all your tools, now and in the future.

Made with PartyKit

Stately Sky

by Stately


by Username

Epic Web Dev

by Kent C Dodds


by Min Chun Fu


by StackBlitz

Live conference feedback app

by Michał Pierzchała

Why PartyKit?

More flexible

You bring the code, we do the hosting. Use any package from npm, or write your own servers from scratch.

More functional

Analytics, staging environments, secrets management, logging. All the tools your team needs to build production apps.

More fast

A worldwide edge network with low latency, anywhere on Earth. We enable your ambition, from your first user to millions.

I did a bunch of work recently with Y.js and PartyKit and can confirm it made some of the most difficult parts a breeze. You should 100% try it out at least if it’s relevant to what you’re building.
Brandon Dail Staff Engineer, Discord
It’s the future of workflows.
David Khourshid Founder, Stately
I have been trying to solve a real-time sync problem for SiteGPT for months now. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work properly. Sunil solved my entire problem using PartyKit in around 10 lines of code 🤯 10 lines... and I am not even exaggerating 😅 PartyKit is awesome!!
Bhanu Teja P Founder, SiteGPT
Oh god this is so easy
Adam Janiš Staff Engineer,
A breeze to set up 🙂 Just takes less than 40 lines of code to do! Looking forward to the future of PartyKit!
Yousef El-Dardiry Maintainer, BlockNote.js
We’ve been having a blast using PartyKit at StatelyAI for a little while. It makes implementing real-time a breeze. Try it on your next thing 🎉
Anders Bech Mellson Developer, Stately




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  • Generous bundled usage
  • Up to 10 live projects
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  • Everything from Individual
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  • Bundled + usage-based pricing
  • Custom domains
  • Up to 100 live projects
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  • Unlimited projects
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Party.IO — a new Socket.IO backend for PartyKit

Thu Nov 30 2023

We are super excited to announce the release of Party.IO, a Socket.IO backend for PartyKit!

PartyKit orchestrates Stately's machines in the Sky

Wed Nov 15 2023

Anders Bech Mellson explains how PartyKit has enabled bringing state machines to the Stately Sky 🌤️

What is Flow, and Why is Partykit being a crucial player?

Fri Oct 27 2023

Making the browser multiplayer is difficult. However, Flow and Partykit's collaboration brings multiplayer to a single website.

PartyKit powers realtime avatars in Epic Web

Tue Oct 24 2023

Kent C. Dodds used PartyKit for users' presence on his course platform.

Multi-user database collaboration made easy with Fireproof

Mon Oct 16 2023

PartyKit’s effortless connections are the perfect complement to 🔥 Fireproof’s immutable storage

A single-serving waterhole in the Namib Desert using Remix

Fri Oct 13 2023

I work with a window open to a YouTube live stream of a waterhole in Namibia, animals and all. Now it’s multiplayer and hosted on PartyKit using the Remix starter kit.

PartyKit at ViteConf 2023

Thu Oct 12 2023

ViteConf attendees sent over 23,000 live reactions using PartyKit.

Exploring AI interaction design and multiplayer with tldraw

Wed Oct 04 2023

How might we interact with AI? I'm exploring this with tldraw, a multiplayer whiteboard app.

Using Stencil to make a live poll Web Component

Fri Sep 29 2023

Building a live poll Web Component with Stencil and PartyKit, plus a meditation on the art of maintenance.

PartyKit raises a pre-seed round of $2.5M from Sequoia, Remote First, and more

Tue Sep 26 2023

We're building the developer-friendly, real-time platform for human-to-human and human-to-AI collaboration. Today we're announcing our pre-seed round, as well as general availability of our platform!